Happy Coq au Vin Day!


I read somewhere that today is Coq au Vin day.* To celebrate, I made my very first Coq au Vin last week so I could be totally on top of my food-blogging game and show you pictures ON Coq au Vin Day instead of however long after it took me to get them up! Since it’s already been a week and I have failed to compile anything but pictures, pictures are what I have to offer. That, and this hot tip: Read your recipe(s) before you attempt to make them. I can’t count the number of times I have regretted not doing this, but I have regretted zero percent of the times I have. Also, if a recipe (such as this one, which I used) calls for components that have their own recipe (such as brown-braised onions & sauteed mushrooms), you should really go ahead and review those recipes before getting started, too.






Bon appétit!

* I read somewhere else that it is yesterday, and somewhere else that it is March 22. Silly internet! Love of Grub officially declares May 29 the day that we celebrate Coq au Vin!


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