Love of Grub is taking the Whole30 challenge and going Paleo for June! Sad as the elimination of delicious cheeses, cured meats, and bread may sound, it doesn’t have to be! I’ve been loving this new way of eating so far.

I even managed to make it work for Happy Hour (ok, wine isn’t technically approved, but everything else is!)


I also discovered a new favorite late-night snack: red grapes and pistachios! Last night I went crazy and added a few blackberries and these raw, organic kale chips I found that only have pineapple, coconut and sea salt added. Yum!


All this nonsense might go against everything I generally believe in, but I’ve lost 3.6 pounds in the first 3 days, I’m never hungry, and everything I’ve eaten has been wonderful. Cheers to a healthy June!


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