Doesn’t that sound lovely? I’m not going to lie, the idea of grinding up some cauliflower and calling it rice didn’t initially appeal to me. Rice is amazing! But since starting the Whole30 and hopping on the Paleo bandwagon, I … Continue reading

Love of Grub Original: Cucumber Sandwiches

As an afterthought to the panini feast I had planned for Mother’s Day Brunch, I threw together a few cold sandwiches. I did this mostly as a hasty bargain for time so I could get away from the panini press … Continue reading

Pear & Pecan Barley Salad

I am a big proponent of improvising. Without it, I have a feeling we would spend more time and money than we really want to on things that aren’t really necessary. For instance, maybe someday you stumble upon a recipe for Peach & … Continue reading

Parmesan Crusted Edamame

Late Friday night, when dinner was a faded memory, I found myself two and a half gin & tonics deep, watching It’s Complicated on the couch. Watching It’s Complicated (which I suppose I have done more times than I realize most of … Continue reading

Cheesey Pumpkin Fusilli

Ahh, Fall is in the air! Our very favorite season may not have officially started yet, but the leaves are changing colors and Pumpkin Spice has replaced chocolate in our morning Americanos, so despite the 80+ degree highs, it feels … Continue reading

Lively Lentil Kale Soup

The first time I cooked lentils was a direct result of reading my friend Stephanie’s blog, which referenced this ultra healthy, veggie-packed soup she was eating for lunch on a daily basis that summer. Since summer is such a fine … Continue reading